Open Walls Project

Like the streetsigns workshop, this workshop is about sharing tools to inspire critical reflection about visual communication in cityscapes, just with sprycans instead of street-signs. The idea is to understand methods of communication via the written words and to get feeling of the desires, wishes, fears, passions.... etc, of the participants. 


The project has happened in 3 countries so far: Italy, France and Chile. The idea is as simple as it gets: With the rise of isolationism, nationalism and in some cases even fascism it is of importance that people, especially young people, learn of non-violent protest and voicing their opinions in public. In this case I like to give the example of the resistance group "Die Weiße Rose" (The white rose) of the Scholl-siblings in Germany. They were a group of students who saw the impending doom that Germany was facing with national-socialism. They decided to get active and distribute leaflets warning of Hitler and the Nazis. Unfortunately they were soon caught and killed.


In German history classe nowadays they are hailed as heros, however students aren't instructed in the ways of how civil disobediance can be successful and how to do so in all clandestinity. No student will learn how to hold a spraycan or create concise slogans to voice one's opinion, even less how to move rapidly and unseen to the authorities. We have witnessing every day how fragile Democracies are, so it is for every individual to know how to counteract these developments by all means necessary, in this case by writing your inner thoughts on walls for everyone to read.



since 2019