Jan Vormann is a founding member of the T10 Studios in Berlin, Germany, and COMA in Valdivia, Chile, as well as an artist and lecturer. He studied Visual Arts at Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee with an exchange year studying Monumental Arts at the Stieglitz Academy of Fine Arts in St.Petersburg, Russia.


Besides having lectured in the New Media Art Department of Universidad Austral de Chile and in the Interaction Design department at BTK University’s in Berlin, Vormann has lead numerous workshops and given talks at various institutions including the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, the Parsons School of Design in Paris, the Amsterdam Institute for Architecture and in many elementary schools

throughout Europe.


In addition to interventions in public spaces around the world, Vormann has presented his work at international exhibitions including the Venice Biennale of Art (2011) and Architecture (2018), the Ars Electronica in Linz (2010) and the Nuits Blanches in Paris (2014). Vormann's projects have been featured in global media outlets such as Le Monde,

The New York Times Mag, Deutsche Welle and Financial Times Deutschland.





2004 - 2010 Graduation with Diploma of Visual Arts from KH Berlin-Weißensee

2008 - 2009 Monumental Arts, Stieglitz Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, RU

2003 - 2004 Art history and Conservation, Otto Friedrich University, Bamberg, DE



Academic Teaching Positions


2022 - 2024 Lecturer at Visual Arts Department / New Media, UaCH Universidad Austral de Chile

2013 - 2017 Lecturer at New Media / IXD Department, Berliner Technische KH



Selection of projects, exhibitions, workshops, conferences, awards, residencies...


2023 Conference “Art in the Metaverse” - Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul KR

2022 Exhibition: ALGA #1 - Anwandter 164, Valdivia, CL

2021 Exhibition: 3 Caminos - Galeria Barrios Bajos, Valdivia, CL

2020 ongoing Project: Between Particles and Waves - Public minecraft server

2019 Project: Déviations Volontaires ‒ GPE / Société du Grand Paris, Créteil, FR

2019 Workshop: Castles made of glass - Peggy Guggenheim Collection Venice, IT

2019 Conference: See the world through my eyes ‒ Pushkin Museum, Moscow, RU

2019 Workshop: Streetsigns - Pushkin Museum for Contemporary Art Moscow, RU

2019 Conference: Social Surfaces, - Conference in Manchester, UK

2019 Workshop: Bien Urbain ‒ Besançon, FR

2018 Workshop: Lieux Infinis French Pavillion, Venice Biennale of Architecture, IT

2018/2019 Nuart & Nuart+ Conference at Nuart Festival Stavanger & Aberdeen NO,UK

2017 Exhibition: Dispatchwork (solo) Kunstverein Bamberg, DE

2016 Exhibition: Irregularites (solo) Galerie Liusa Wang, Paris, FR

2016 Workshop: Creative Physics - Workshop at Fabrica Beirut, LBN

2015 Workshop: Weatherballoon ‒ Workshop at KH Burg-Giebiechenstein, Halle, DE

2015 Project: La Toma Caracas, VEN

2014 Exhibition: Nuits Blanches City of Paris, FR

2013 Exhibition: Sonica Festival MoTA Point, Ljubljana, SL

2013 Residency at Museum of Transitory Art MoTA, SL

2013 Exhibition: Hidden Heroes Vitra Design Museum, Weil, DE

2011 Conference: Neoludica, Venice Biennale of Art, Collateral Event, IT

2011 Award: Bernhard-Heiliger Award, Berlin, DE

2010 Workshop: Repair at Ars Electronica Linz, AUT

2010 Workshop: Festival de la cité Lausanne, CH

2009 Exhibition: Anders zur Welt kommen, Altes Museum Berlin, DE

2009 Workshop: Dispatchwork ARCAM Institute of Architecture Amsterdam, NL

2008 Exhibition: Young Moscow international Biennale Art Strelka Complex, Moscow, RU

2007 Exhibition: „Ím longing and I dońt know what....” IRANAO, Teheran, IRN

2007 Exhibition: Venti Eventi Bocchignano, Rome, IT

2006 Exhibition: Babylonian Dream ‒ Anna Ahmatova Museum, St. Petersburg, RU