RELAX / Duty Free

Licht an!

Lightbox, Graffity


Forchheim, 2019


It's a public parc in some franconian town in central europe called Forchheim. Nobody goes there besides teenagers forcing their first smokes between class and homework or in the early evenings in winter, when it is dark enough to scribble some thoughts onto the transformator building. With this work I want to reclaim public space but also repurpose words. Let's redefine the words "duty free", since it should represent much more than a 24/7 chain of globalized stores selling luxury consumer items. Duty free is leisure activity, like a stroll in the parc at day or night.


Being free of duty isn't a feeling we all are too familiar with. But we must fight to not let neither spaces be claimed by corporations with bright advertisement nor let our language be defined by them. Words and the way we use them are shaping our reality, so don't let anybody convince you, that paying no sales-tax is equivalent to a life free of duty.


The light panel with its consumer message is in juxtaposition with a Graffito's proposal to "Relax". The outlines of the graffito are omitted as to have it float silently in the middle-ground. Together they invite the visitors of the parc to dwell on these words.