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Danysz gallery @Lazinc




It was the week before Christmas and I guess I always wanted to show in Banksy's ex gallery in London. The space of Lazing Gallery was left to Magda Danysz and her team to curate a selection of Artists who dedicate their time working in the streets, from Icy and sot to Remi Rough, Vhils, Slinkachu and more. The setting up was impeccable, since Danysz Gallery covered all costs of transport, hospitality and production. I invited my friends in town, Carrie Reichardt, AJ Haastrup, Sabina Andron and Charlotte Pyatt to keep me good company and obviously to exploit their bricklaying skills. Many thanks also to Petra and her family for jumping in to finish the column within this short timespan of just a couple of days.


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