Castles Made of Glass

Workshop with Peggy Guggenheim Collection Venice and Swatchartpeacehotel




In the frame of a series of workshops initiated by the Swatchartpeacehotel and Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice called "Superamenti" (English title: "Overcoming") the fourteen participants who signed up to this workshop investigated four subtopics revolving around the traditional Murano Glass of Venice.


The four subcategories were called: Separation, Projection, Fusion and Resistance. Following you will see the results of each group in a small one minute vdeos. The Workshop laste for four days. On the first day we visited sites of production of the famous Murano glass as well as some specialized galleries and museums. Later we tried to incorporate this new knowledge into finding a final form regarding the subtopics.


Given the short time-frame it was out of question we produce "Art-Pieces" however I am very proud of the participants' works seen here.

Here you see some more images of the processes undergone by the participants. We successfully handled all the restictions we were subjected to due to covid.