Wall in my studio in Berlin




This happened when I realized that artists were using Streetart to get into Galleries and that artistic integrity didn't mean too much to some people, while I had always assumed the contrary, that using the public space was some sort of rebellious anti-establishment act. And that I thought more people cared about all this much more. So this is me confronted with the artmarkets once over, but now through a side of the game which supposedly is anti-estblishment, while it constitutes the latest of the big artistic institutions. When some of your heroes turn out to be just as corrupted as some banker might be who handled too much money. This is me in my studio, when thoughts are just not enough and you got to take on a 10kg sledgehammer to change your surroundings for some immediate results.


And it turned out I had created for myself the perfect hole for an installation inside my studio. It calmed me down for a bit. I thought: "Hey, now I can contribute this to the art-market Just gotta find a collector who lets me smash their interior!" Well, if you are one, or you know one, please pass on my contacts. The sledgehammer is ready to be deployed on demand.



And then I got bored of it again and needed more space. What's the worth of an artpiece, if it is ever seen by one single person or family alone? And did I ever break up with galleries and get into working in public spaces because my ultimate goal was to get back into the artmarket loop, but this time labelled as a streetartist? The answer is quite simply: No. But I'll still come by your house and smash up a wall just to repair it with Plastic-bricks. Just hit me up.