The Museum of Ephemeral Art

Proof-of-concept of a digital Museum for Ephemeral Art


With Brad Downey and Jazoo Yang


2022 - ongoing

The Museum of Ephemeral Art can be found here: www.museumofephemeralart.com - The project was thought up and developped in collaboration with Brad Downey and Jazoo Yang. For now, the website is a proof-of-concept. Our goal as a museum is to give audiences a chance to rediscover important ephemeral artworks that have been forgotten, hidden or destroyed. We believe that re-experiencing these artworks as an immersive experience could bring new perspectives and inspiration to a wide variety of audiences, transforming the artworks themselves into the contemporary age.


We hope that Museums University and Libraries could eventually integrate these newly manifested versions of the artworks as educational resources. We believe that great physical artworks that were meant to be ephemeral deserve our full attention regarding how we handle all of the available visual documentation.


The Museum of Ephemeral Art uses top of the line photogrametric Artificial Intelligence Software on a high end M1-Max-Chip to create with high precision 3D models out of any available jpg and png, in Collaboration with the Geography Department of the Universidad Austral de Chile (UAcH). One of the goals of MOEA is to explore the potential of artist archives. Most artist estates are built around massive personal archives collected over a lifetime of traveling, networking and working. These archives are not always accessible to the public. Even in the cases where the archives are available they are usually not digitized. Additionally, It can be hard to get access to physically fragile material. Even with access they can be difficult to navigate without more advances technologies and tools like negative scanners and they often need art historical

knowledge and context.


We anticipate that the new technologies to recreate these spatial situations now, will soon be commonplace and that, once in a while, our Museum will be the space where you spend a couple of hours with your friends and family to see the latest exhibition of ephemeral art.